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Hypnotherapist Fife for Slimming, IBS, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Insomnia, Phobias, etc.

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Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Slimming, IBS, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Insomnia, Phobias, etc.

2 Crowhill Road,
Dalgety Bay, KY11 9LJ
Tel: 01383 821177
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Hypnotherapy - PTSD (Fife) Hypnotherapy & PTSD Treatment

PTSD is at the root of most problems treated by Hypnotherapy. Anxiety fife is at the root of most problems treated by Hypnotherapy Anxiety (Fife)

As I've said elsewhere, Hypnotherapy and Phobiasthe most common problem I see is anxiety in various guises, including PTSD. This can range from sudden debilitating panic attacks, to a constant feeling of danger and hyper-vigilance. They can be sparked by certain situations, such as driving over bridges and, of course, there are a myriad of phobias.PTSD Fife Driving Fear Even with phobias, though, everyone's problem is really unique to them.

One distressing aspect of the anxiety that forms part of PTSD can be that it can sometimes feels almost like a child's fear. It feels completely alien and uncontrollable, almost as if the person is experiencing someone else's fear. This is often because the anxiety itself is being mixed with that from an old memory, often from childhood, and so is a child's emotion.

Another major cause of anxiety is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It's a profound anxiety which results from a traumatic event or period of time, usually life-threatening or violent. The term was really first applied to Vietnam war veterans and was coined to try to get the public and politicians PTSD Fifeto recognise that what was once called "battle fatigue", "battle exhaustion" or "shell shock" is, in fact, a serious problem. UK forces have been involved in multiple conflicts recently and PTSD is, unfortunately, very prevalent among forces veterans. NB I have a special "Veterans' PTSD" rate. 

The fact is that many non-veterans also have PTSD. They suffer the same flashbacks, hyper-vigilance and situation avoidance. This is the mind's reaction to any psychological shock. It is quite common for victims of bullying, or physical /sexual abuse to present these same symptoms.

Many health problems can be attributed to PTSD. Chronic anxiety associated with PTSD creates a high level of stress within the body. These include gastric problems, tension headaches & migraines, high blood pressure, some skin conditions associated with stress.

Hypnotherapy PTSD Fife Hypnotherapy for PTSD really can work!  

There are a number of factors involved in hypnotherapy PTSD fife treatment:-

PTSD Fife     Hypnotherapy                         PTSD Fife

PTSD Fife - Hypnotherapy

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PTSD Fife - Hypnotherapy

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