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Hypnotherapist Fife for Slimming, IBS, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Insomnia, Phobias, etc.

 2 Crowhill Road,
 Dalgety Bay,
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Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Slimming, IBS, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Insomnia, Phobias, etc.

2 Crowhill Road,
Dalgety Bay, KY11 9LJ
Tel: 01383 821177
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What Is Hypnotherapy?

There is nothing spiritual, weird or mysterious about the hypnotic state. It is a totally natural state that can be likened to the period just before going to sleep, or when you are trying to remember something and stare at a spot on the wall, etc. 
A better name for it is daydreaming. Hypnosis is an inward focusing of attention where the demands of the outside world are switched off. It is a state of deep relaxation during which the analytical mind shuts off making the unconscious mind accessible.

You are not asleep and nothing can happen without your consent. You can hear everything being said and afterwards will usually remember all that has happened and will definitely remember all that you want to. It is not unusual for people to believe that they were not properly hypnotised because they remember "thinking" during the session, and can remember much,or all, of what happened. 
You will remember everything that you want to remember. If you are a bit apprehensive, and most people are at their first session, you will probably remember everything. Once you are used to being in hypnosis, you will often "miss" much of what has been said. It's like a car journey, you will remember the journey, but don't normally remember every lamppost you pass. It doesn't really matter because your unconscious mind has heard every word!

Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, useful supplement to orthodox medicine and can also achieve considerable success in its own right. Doctors are becoming increasingly supportive of hypnotherapy as an aid to better health.

The memory of a past trauma remains in the short-term memory, with a big red X. Even if this is removed during therapy, it will still take a few days for the memory to be processed and moved to long-term memory. 
Especially following sessions where many minor problems are dealt with, some clients recall some bad memories, or have "busy" dreams for a few days. These include such things as falling out with friends at Primary School, bad teachers, etc. These soon fade again, as the memories are processed by the brain, however you may feel "down" for a few days.  To the therapist, this is good news as it shows that the treatment is working. It may not be so pleasant for you, however.

Hypnotherapy and the Mind It sometimes happens that the only sign of a psychological problem is some bizarre behaviour, or a single specific problem, such as dreading speaking at meetings, or exam phobia. This fear is always rooted in a past traumatic event. Some clients wish or expect to receive only suggestion therapy to "paper over" the problem, and not psychotherapy to treat the cause. 
NB I always offer psychotherapy as part of your treatment. It is my intention to uncover hidden traumas and to provoke an outpouring of emotions: an abreaction. I usually do not confine treatment to one of simply treating symptoms using suggestions. Don't expect to come to me for a single session to help with a phobia, for example. Clients who decide to go to a Hypnotherapist who cannot, or will not, deal with past events risk situations like the following:-

In hypnosis, the Unconscious Mind is in charge and can sometimes decide that this is its opportunity to do something about it. The Unconscious Mind begins to deal with the problem without prompting from the therapist - the client suddenly remembers some trauma and may become a bit emotional. This is called a spontaneous abreaction. When this does occur, in the presence of a competent Hypnotherapist, the prognosis is usually extremely good - so it's good news. 
It is important to say that this was not caused by the hypnosis - the underlying condition was already just under the surface. It would have surfaced at some time and would also have been very much more distressing. A spontaneous abreaction whilst conscious is what is often described as a nervous breakdown.

Sadly, some hypnotherapists are simply not trained in how to deal with these, (if they are trained at all). Some are also a bit afraid of dealing with the "difficult stuff". The less competent therapist may decide to wake you to stop the abreaction. The client may feel confused, upset and (quite rightly) angry. It can certainly be a bit disconcerting if it is mishandled by the therapist. If this has happened to you, (with another therapist - it would not happen with me), it is important to continue to receive treatment from a trained hypnotherapist!

Hypnotherapy should never be sought by anyone who has a psychotic illness such as Manic Depression ("ordinary" depression is usually ok), or schizophrenia, etc. The good therapist looks for clues to the mental state of the client, however he or she cannot guarantee to spot the signs. It is important to disclose any relevant medical history.

People with epilepsy must never use hypnosis. It can trigger an attack, even with those who have it under control. (Note: Hypnosis can't cause epilepsy!)

Asthma sufferers can sometimes have an attack whilst in hypnosis.  Having said this, none of my clients ever has. This shouldn't be a problem, anyway, since asthma attacks can also be relieved by hypnosis. Always tell your therapist if you have this condition so that there are no surprises. (A good therapist always asks.)

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